Hearing about a new restaurant coming to our area is some kind of crazy just because the pandemic has forced so many local businesses to shut down. In Doylestown, there is a new restaurant coming very soon.

Patch.com recently reported that Omiza will be the new Pan-Asian restaurant in Doylestown, PA. It has been mentioned that Omiza should be opening early this month (September). Omiza is owned by the same owners as Oishi and KO. So this Omiza project is nothing new for them, as they have had the other restaurants in Newtown (Bucks County) for some time now.

One thing everyone is always bringing up is, "I wonder if they are following the social distancing guidelines." According to Patch.com, Omiza has shifted its layout to be able to practice social distancing and make sure everyone feels safe while enjoying their Pan-Asian meal. We learned from Patch.com that there will be available seating for about 120 customers. It would be 60 in the outdoor tent area and the other 60 at the indoor seating.

Since Bucks County still has a low percentage capacity due to the coronavirus the "large bar and lounge area" will have some major restrictions that will possibly not allow customers to enjoy that area.

Even though the other locations (KO and Oishi) have been around for some time now, the owners told Patch.com that it feels as if they are having multiple openings because of the pandemic forcing them to close their other locations. They are now opening all three locations around the same time.

Omiza will be located near N Main St and Mercer Ave. in Doylestown.

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