Growing up everyone wanted to be either a singer or an athlete. My nephew is one of those people and he is always walking around the house singing and dancing.
If my sister had a performance studio for him inside the house he would never get out of there.

This Doylestown, Pa House With a Performance Stage Could Be Yours

If you or one of your family members loves singing we may have found the perfect house for you. 

We found this house in Doylestown that has what you could possibly call the perfect at-home performance stage. The Doylestown house has a section for studio monitors, stage lighting, and everything else you need to have a little jam session at home. 

If that was not impressive enough the house also has a theater room, a fireplace in the master bedroom, a pool table, a swimming pool, a gym area, and so much more. 

This Doylestown house has 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms and is on the market for $2,980,000

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