I don't know if reality TV is getting better or worse. I am amazed of what makes it on television these days, and I'm blown away every time someone volunteers to be on these shows. Yet it makes for great TV.

So today I came across an article from People showing the four new "couples" from Philadelphia that are on the new season of "Married at First Sight." Yes, you read that right. Four couples, eight people, willingly signed up to get married quickly and have their lives documented. This is more than a one night stand. This is one night that leads to a ... "lifetime" together. You like what I did there since it airs on the Lifetime network? Also, how did I miss out on this show? I've never watched a single episode and it's been on for seven seasons.

This new season is a big deal (not just because it's set in Philly) but it will be the first time the show features four couples. So that either means four times the love or four times the drama. Here are the couples and their mini bios from People:

AJ Vollmoeller, 37, and Stephanie Sersen, 35

AJ had no luck with online dating so he took up an offer from his friend to go on the show since they suggested it. Stephanie is ready for love, wants to find someone to experience life with and wants to find a man that's similar to her father. We'll have to watch and see if AJ can live up to her dad.

Will Guess, 37, and Jasmine McGriff, 29
Will is tired of being the single bachelor in his group of friends. He's financially and emotionally ready to spend the rest of his life with someone. Jasmine is an independent woman who's ready to find “her Barack Obama.”

Luke Cuccurullo, 30, and Kate Sisk, 27

Luke wants to find the one special person to share his life with. He also loves going out of his comfort zone, which I think makes him a perfect candidate for the show. Kate is skeptical about love, but she's hopeful that she will find it.

Keith Dewar, 29, and Kristine Killingsworth, 28
Keith is a gentleman who wants a true partner that will support him through the good and bad. Kristine knows what she wants when it comes to love. She wants to find the right person to meet her “gold standard.”

If you're interested in watching how their stories unfold, the "Married at First Sight: Matchmaking Special" airs January 1st at 8pm followed by the two-hour season eight premiere. You can see a preview of the upcoming season below

To read more on these couples and to see photos of them go here

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