There's a new sign of love at the Jersey Shore. Pictures have started popping up all over Facebook of tons of seashells in the shape of a huge heart on the beach in Ocean City. Awww. It give me all the feels.

The North Street beach has done it again. Let me go back for a second. For the past couple of years, a small Christmas tree has been perched on the beach for the holiday season, a sight that has caught the attention of visitors because, well, you don't normally see a Christmas tree in the middle of the beach. Lol. In 2020, it was different. Beyond the few locals that would take a peek, people from all over flocked to see the North Street beach tree. It made people smile when there weren't a lot of reasons to smile. Visitors decorated shells to put around the tree with messages of hope and love. I took my family to see it. We left our own messages on shells. We were in awe...thousands of shells were placed near the tree. We all needed some happy.

After the holidays, the tree came down, but, a local family made sure the void was filled by gathering lots of shells and creating a huge peace sign in the sand. Once again, people visited, this time adding shells with messages of peace and hope to the outline of the peace sign. It was awesome. I had hoped to take a drive down and add shells to it, but, I didn't make it in time. The storm over the weekend washed it all away. I was so sad to see it was gone.

Posted by Sue McElwee on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Not to worry, the McElwee family went back to work, and now there's a huge heart there, just in time for Valentine's Day. We could all use a little love right now, couldn't we?

Posted by Sue McElwee on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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