It has been a long, boring summer for a lot of kids that are probably used to being part of some sort of summer camp every year. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus and new guidelines that were supposed to be followed many events were canceled. Newtown Township was an area that got highly affected by it.

According to the Program Coordinator of Parks & Recreation Newtown Township, Matt Zipin, this summer hasn't been easy for the township. However, everyone is extremely happy to be able to actually have a few end of summer camps. Some short camps have happened at the Newtown Parks & Rec but some of the popular long camps were forced to be canceled due to the pandemic. On it shows that at the end of August there are two new camps. One is the Math Mystery Camp and the other camp is the USA Archery Summer Camp.

It was stated on the Newtown Township website that the Math Mystery Camp is for kids ages 8 to 10 and it runs from August 25 to August 27. Each day is two hours, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

The USA Archery Summer Camp sounds like a lot of fun. Zipin told 94.5 PST that USA Archery Summer Camp was such a success that after having the first camp a few weeks ago they've decided to bring it back. This summer camp has two different age groups, 5 to 12 and 13 to 17. The website states that kids that attend the USA Archery Summer Camp will have the opportunity to learn the safety guidelines, shooting techniques as well as will be able to aim at "moving balloon targets, 3-D targets, making our own target faces & quivers, games such as defend our camp, just to name a few.”

Matt Zipin, the Program Coordinator from Parks & Recreation Newtown Township, also told 94.5 PST that they are following all proper guidelines to make sure staff members and children attending the camps are protected from COVID-19.

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