Another new restaurant has just opened in Campus Town at The College of New Jersey, according to Facebook.

It's called Crepes & Churros D'France. Look for it where the old hot dog place, Lion Dog, used to be.

Serving breakfast, lunch, dessert, and Espresso...there's something for everyone.

They have sweet and savory crepes for you to enjoy.

The sweet crepes include the D'France, which is a mix of strawberries and bananas with Nutella....ohhh, that sounds so good. The Eiffel Tower is a mix of strawberries and cream cheese with whipped cream, a sugar glaze, and a raspberry sauce. The Versailles has bananas and chopped nuts, along with Dulce de Leche, whipped cream, a sugar glaze, and chocolate, and the Cream Brulee has baked apples, a cinnamon sugar drizzle, vanilla cream, a sugar glaze, and chocolate.

The savory crepes include choices with scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, or bacon. Another with scrambled eggs and chorizo. There's a grilled chicken choice with mozzarella, bacon bits, and tomato, and finally, a vegetarian choice.

I want to them all.  Bonus...Gluten free and Vegan batter is available, all you have to do is ask.

You can get the Churros plain with a side sauce or stuffed with things like Nutella, chocolate, raspberry sauce, and more. People have already been commenting how fresh and tasty they are.

I can't wait to check this place out.

Crepes & Churros D'France joins other new Campus Town restaurants Pastadoro and Arooga's Bar & Grill. Sandwich shop, Jersey Mike's, is coming soon, and local favorites, Yummy Sushi, Panera Bread, and Mariachi Grill, Redberry, and Insomnia Cookies are still there.

I love Campus Town. Get there and check it off of Route 31 in Ewing at The College of New Jersey.

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