Wawa is always coming in clutch! Late night snack, Early breakfast when everything is closed....You name it and Wawa has your back.

Guess what? More good news about Wawa coming in clutch and this one will benefit all you coffee lovers.

Thursday (11/01) was a big day in Center City Philly! The new Wawa had their grand opening with a ribbon cutting and all. The fun wasn't going to be just a one day thing though. Wawa, on 12th and Market, is set to continue the fun over the weekend.

Free coffee to get you through the weekend never hurts. This isn't the first time Wawa does this great free coffee deed and it sure won’t be the last. Currently, DC holds the biggest Wawa in the country but they might not hold that title for long. Philly is set to take that title with the biggest and coolest Wawa coming very soon.

If you asked, "Does that mean more free coffee?" DING DING DING! You are correct!!

Enjoy your free cup of coffee this whole weekend (11/2-11/4) at the new Wawa on 12th and Market.

"Never trust anyone that doesn't drink coffee" - AJ Lee

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