Does anyone else forget when the waste management companies are coming by or is it just me? Since buying my first house taking out the trash every week so that the waste management company can take it has been the toughest task to remember. That’s followed by bringing the trash cans back in of course. Such a drag.

No wonder parents always have the kids take out the trash because they don't want to do that.

A Newtown resident is trying to do part of the trash job for you. We say part because according to Bucks Local News this Newtown resident, Scott Coren, brings your trash bins to where they belong after they have been emptied.

We learned from Bucks Local News that Scott Coren was driving in his Newtown neighborhood when he came up with the idea to start his small business of putting his neighbor's trash bins back to where they belong. Coren told Bucks Local News, “The bins were out all over the place. At every single house the bins were just laying there.” Let's be real, it is annoying when neighbors trash bins start blowing into the street.

No, Coren's services will not be free. It would cost Newtown residents $5 a week. Sounds cheap, doesn't it? Not trying to knock on Coren's but are you really that lazy and would willingly pay 20 to 25 dollars a month?

Coren's new trash bin valet is called "CAN-IT", according to Bucks Local News.

We wonder if Coren would expand his business to the Philadelphia area since the trash bins get a little wild in that area.

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