TMZ reports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, wrote a letter to a man named Rob Higgins who is the President of this year's Super Bowl committee to devise a plan to reward health care workers who have fought on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. His plan is to invite those health case workers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine to attend the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay in February. You can read the full letter that Roger Goodell sent to Rob Higgins here. Hopefully a plan is put together and we will hear more details about which health care workers will be invited, how many and hopefully honored at the game. Roger Goodell didn't want to give a definite answer as to if this will happen or not, but he is very hopeful that it will. Read more about what could be an awesome move by the NFL here.

Watching football on tv these days is a little weird to me. You can hear crowd noises, but when you look up in the stands, there aren't any fans at most NFL games. Now with coronavirus cases going up and up, I wasn't even sure if the NFL was going to go through with plans to have fans at the Super Bowl this year. With the coronavirus vaccines being delivered all over the country and people actually getting them, we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. It would be awesome if the NFL could show appreciation to healthcare workers that have put their lives on the line during this pandemic. We need to show them somehow and I know people have been trying to show as much support as they possible can, but the NFL can definitely be a big part of this.

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