Two bakers from New Jersey have won on the Food Networks latest series 'Winner Cake All.'

Very cool.

The contests, Gail Kingman and Lauren Vicari represent Warren, NJ and scored the jackpot on their episode.

By the way the jackpot was a cool $10,000 and obviously bragging rights.


It does help that both ladies co-own a bakery (with an awesome name), 'Sweet Passion Cakery' located in Warren. This gave them a great upper hand.

So the theme and title of the episode was, "A Candy-Coated Wedding," which aired last Monday, May 13.

That sounds delicious, first of all ... what ever that means.

Thankfully, I have to explain it, "On the episode the cake-makers are challenged to make an over-the-top, candy-themed cake decoration for VIP clients, the founders of gourmet candy company Sugarfina."


If you have a cable subscription, you can watch the full episode here.


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