Slow down or move over!

We've all seen vehicles that whizz by pulled-over disabled vehicles or emergency vehicles at unreduced speeds. But beware in New Jersey: If you don't slow down or change lanes when approaching that disabled or emergency vehicle, you'll be breaking the law.

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A new bill has been proposed to amend New Jersey's Move Over law, making it a fineable offense for drivers who do not either slow down or change lanes when approaching disabled or emergency vehicles at the scene of an accident.

If you approach a disabled vehicle displaying hazard lights, road flares, or reflective triangles, or an emergency vehicle at the scene of an incident, you must move over to a lane not adjacent to the scene, or slow down to a speed lower than the posted speed limit.

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The bill states:

"This bill imposes conditions on motor vehicle drivers approaching a disabled vehicle with flashing hazard warning signal lights or utilizing road flares or reflective triangles.  The bill requires a motor vehicle driver  approaching a disabled vehicle displaying these lights, road flares, or reflective triangles to either move to a lane that is not next to the disabled vehicle or, if the driver is unable to safely or legally move over, to slow down to a speed less than the posted speed limit."

The bill will impose a fine to offenders between $100 - $500. If a driver is convicted of violating the law 3 or more times within a 12-month period.

A similar law was just passed in Florida:

The bill was unanimously approved 36-0 by the state Senate, and it's heading to Governor Phil Murphy's desk for signature.

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