Last weekend a cute, cuddly, furry cat, weighing in at a whopping 29.5 pounds, was abandoned in a dog crate and brought to a Philadelphia animal shelter. The shelter posted the cat’s picture, with the caption that they’re looking for someone “who can help her lose the #quarantine15 and become a happy healthy cat”.


Though she looks like an adorable big cuddly teddy bear, the #quarantine15 for this feline could lead to lots of health problems, making it imperative she finds a home that’s able to help her lose those extra pounds and become a healthy cat.

The cat, named Lasagna by the shelter’s employees, has brown, tan, and white fur, an adorable little face and the sweetest green eyes! She quickly became a sensation, getting thousands of likes and major attention on the shelter’s social media. According TMZ, Stouffer’s Lasagna responded to cute picture, wishing for the cat to find her forever home, and promising to send a bunch of Lasagna to the family who adopts her.

And it did not take long for Lasagna to find her new home, in fact, it took only a day! Lasagna is now happily moving to New Jersey with her new parents. The couple has committed to taking care of humongous cat and to getting her back to being a healthy kitty.

After the success of finding Lasagna her new home, TMZ says the shelter posted that they still have many adorable pets in need of a forever home, who unlike Lasagna, may need to add on a few more pounds. If you’re looking for a new furry friend to add to your life check out @ACCTPhilly on twitter or your local animal shelter.

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