A South Jersey dad posted photos online of his premature son doing "manly" things, like fixing a car or lifting weights.

Matt McMillan, of Delran, posted the pictures of his six-month old son, Ryan, on Instagram, and he has become a big hit ever since.

McMillan photoshopped pictures of his son doing grown-up activities; from shaving his face to playing poker (with Elmo and Cookie Monster, of course), and carving a Thanksgiving turkey.

Ryan was born 9 weeks pre-mature and weighed only 2 pounds 15 ounces.

"When Ryan was born, we joked that he was advanced and not premature so we thought it would be fun to have him do manly things or grown-up things that no baby could actually do," McMillan said via 6abc.com.

Matt's wife Alyssa even hand-made small props to use for the photos, including a tiny briefcase for the photo of Ryan going to work.

The McMillan family has received an overwhelming amount of love and support since posting the photos online, especially from other parents of premature babies.

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