I think the New Jersey Earthquake of 2024 will be one of those events that you'll always remember where you were and what you were doing, even if you didn't feel a darn thing.

It was a big one for our area.

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), it was a 4.8 magnitude, centered in Whitehouse Station in Hunterdon County.

The rumbles were felt all over the Northeast...as far north New Hampshire and Massachusetts as well as Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and more.

It seemed to last quite awhile, but thinking back now it was probably about 30 seconds.

So, where were you? What were you doing when it happened?

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There are certain memorable events in history where you'll always remember what you were doing and where you were at that moment.

For many, it was when JFK was assassinated, when Princess Diana died, or September 11th, 2001.

I definitely think I'll remember this earthquake. I was in the 94.5 'PST on-air studio with my co-host, Joe, and the entire room started to shake. There was a deep, loud rumble. It was crazy.

It's funny how many thoughts filled my mind instantly.

Was it the construction crew working across the street? They're building a warehouse and we often hear loud noises.

Did something in the building explode?

Was there a crash of some sort near the building?

Then, it dawned on us...and earthquake.

I remember thinking, "No way, not around here."

Everyone in our office ran to the common area to see (or try to figure out) what was going on. One of our co-workers ran over to the construction site to see if they caused the rumbling. It wasn't them.

When I got back to the studio, my phone was going crazy with calls and texts from friends and family, asking if I felt it too.

We jumped back on the air and took a bunch of calls from people all across PST Nation, reporting where they were and what they felt.

We'll all remember this one.

Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any injuries or damage, so now I can say it...that was pretty cool.

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