New Jersey utilities are bracing for the extreme demand on the power delivery system from this extended stretch of very hot and humid weather, as New Jerseyans lean heavily on their air conditioning.

Frank Tedesco of Atlantic City Electric says they prepare all year for these extremes.

"Specifically for this week's heatwave, our crews have completed essential work that to strengthen the grid for the demand we are expecting to see," he said.

"This work includes inspecting and upgrading equipment and undertaking dozens of targeted projects to modernize our infrastructure to make the grade more resilient not only against extreme weather events but also extreme temperatures like we're experiencing now and will throughout the week."

Public Service Electric & Gas says they are monitoring their system and are ready to respond to any issues.

According to Paul Toscarelli, PSE&G's preparedness director, the utility has invested nearly $3 billion in infrastructure improvements.

They remind consumers to set thermostats higher when they are away to save money on air conditioning, and seal holes and cracks around windows and doors.

Tedesco said that "another simple tip is to run appliances that produce heat, like dryers ovens dishwashers, etc., at night when it's cooler. Turn on ceiling fans to evenly distribute the cool air throughout your home and ensure that ducts and fans are not blocked by furniture."

If you experience an outage, call the number on your electric bill.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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