If you smelled something rotten in the air in Hamilton Township on Sunday (January 29th) you weren't alone.

Some residents posted on social media throughout the day that they noticed a bad smell, a gas-like smell, and wondered if anyone else was having the same experience.

Many people chimed in saying they were also smelling it and were concerned. The police and PSE&G received numerous calls from concerned residents. They were worried it was a big gas leak and there was danger.

It turned into a little bit of a frenzy. Hamilton Township, the fire department and PSE&G all spent quite a while investigating to try and find what was causing the smell.

Hamilton Emergency Management sent out an automated call reassuring nervous residents that PSE&G had found no gas leak but the fire department and township workers were still investigating.

Well, there's finally an answer. TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville just reported there was no danger. The fowl smelled turned out to be food waste from a local business, NOT natural gas.

Wow. Food waste? Let me explain. There's a business called, "Trenton Renewables" near the Hamilton/Trenton border that recycles food waste into compost, fertilizer and renewable gas, the article explains.

TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville spoke with the General Manager of this local business and was told the site is, "in the business of taking care of the environment." They recycle food waste and turn it into organic compost for local farmers.

The company experienced a power outage on Sunday, which could have been the reason for the unusual odor.

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