One lucky IHOP waitress scores $1200 tip from generous diners.

How awesome is that, an extra $1200 during the holiday season ... not to shabby.

A group of friends decided to head out to their local IHOP in Paterson NJ this past Saturday with a great ‘Shock & Claus’ holiday deed in mind.

Their plan was to make a stranger’s holiday season by gifting their waiter with a more then generous tip.

Each of the friends brought an extra $100 with them and according to, "After covering the cost of the food they ordered, the group left the waitress the $1,200 cash tip."

It's so unbelievable, even the waitress tried to give them their money back.

This act of kindness brought her to tears.

According to, the initial idea "was inspired by similar deeds in Colorado where groups of diners started leaving waiters and waitresses $100 per person tips as holiday surprises several years ago."


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