I just saw on Bankrate.com that NJ is among the worst states for drivers.

I always feel good about my home state when it gets ranked on "Best of" lists, but I am even more intrigued when New Jersey gets added to the "worst of" list. I usually take the list with a grain of salt.

Facts are facts and we can't deny them.

The report looked at factors including the cost, the safety, and the quality of driving.  The Garden State wasn't the last on the list to be the worst of the worst, but it did come in fourth.

Here are the worst states for drivers in the United States:

1. California

2. Hawaii

3. Connecticut

4. New Jersey

5. Nebraska

California easily gets the top spot based on the traffic horror stories you hear about the state. The traffic is horrible, especially in Los Angeles. The article even highlights a driver shares that that their commute to work about 20 minutes without traffic, but it ends up becoming  an hour or longer.

The top five states that have are the best for drivers are:

1. North Dakota

2. Iowa

3. Ohio

4. Minnesota

5. Nebraska

To read more and to see where all the states were ranked go here.

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