Another New Jerseyan is setting out to make the Garden State proud on TV. A local high school teacher will be competing on the Wheel of Fortune. Spiros Zambas is a science teacher from Warren County and will appear on the popular game show this upcoming Tuesday.

Zambas has been watching the show since he was 7 years old. Accoriding to, it was his family that encouraged him to apply to actually be on the show. He finally agreed to send in a video application where he talked about himself and his love for the show. Even though the process took a year, he is excited to finally get his chance to win the big bucks. But of course with excitement comes a little bit of nerves too.

“At home, it’s always your turn,” Zambas said. “But up there on the stage, you have to stand there and wait. Even if you know the puzzle, you have to wait and watch the other contestants win more and more money."

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