And ... as I sit here and write another money miracle story that happened in NJ, I still remain super happy for them and yet super jealous at the same time.

You remember the story I wrote last week, Hamilton Man Wins Big Off A Crossword Scratch-Off ... dude, not gonna lie ... I've been playing scratch-off tickets ever since. (Didn't hit big yet though - insert sad face emoji.)

Any who ... get ready to hear another crazy betting story. Lakewood New Jersey native, Harold M. really beat the odds this past weekend by winning $1 million at Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.


The insane part about this, is that he only placed a $5 poker bet and scored big time off hitting a royal straight flush of diamonds. By the way according to "the odds of hitting the flush are one in 20,348,320."

I mean, when you read this story it's hard to be be a bit envious. So you go Glen Coco!

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