I'm so jealous after reading this. Yeah -- I literally hate this (out of envy) and love this at the same time (because, good for him!).

A Hamilton NJ resident, "Giorgi B," recently scored (big time) on a simple crossword scratch-off ticket. Giorgi admitted that he's been playing the New Jersey Lottery crossword tickets )at $3 a pop) for about 3 years now. He's actually been lucky before. He has won prizes that range from $1K to $5K. That's pretty great considering the most I've ever won was like $10 on a scratch-off ticket.

As for this particular ticket, Giorgi says he "got that feeling" (that he was going to win really big) so he walked into his usual gas station to purchase the ticket. This time, however, he felt so lucky that he purchased a $10 crossword game.

Where's that lucky station? Well, it's on Mercerville Rd in Hamilton.

Holy $#!^!

I don't know about you but as soon as I get off my on-air shift I'm heading to a local gas station to buy a few scratch-offs.

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