I might have an addiction to lottery tickets, but I somewhat have it under control. It's so tempting to buy one whenever I see them on display. I think the most I have ever won on a scratch-off lottery ticket is $75, and it was a big win for me. My prize does not even come close to what a man from Bergen County recently won.

Robert Stewart, is the lucky man from New Jersey who won $5 million playing the New Jersey lottery's "$5,000,000 Fortune" scratch-off game, according to NJ.com. If you think Robert's amazing story ends there ... there's more. Not only was he a millionaire from one ticket, but he also bought two other tickets that were winners. Those two extra tickets won him $500 and $100 extra.

Robert has two options on how he can receive his big winnings. He could do the annuity payout option and get 25 annual installments of $200,000 or take the cash option which is one lump sum of $3.625 million after taxes. The article did not reveal what option he went with. Yet he told lottery officials he plans to invest his prize money and help his family.

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