While New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission offices are closed to the public during the pandemic, the commission is still operating.

MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said a big part of what the agency is doing is moving transactions online during the shutdown, which is expected to keep the agency's offices closed until May 10.

It's easier to renew a registration online. If someone lost a driver's license or registration, that person can get a new one online. In most cases, she said a standard driver's license can also be renewed online. Change of address can also be done online.

She said the MVC has also made it easier for customers to reach out through email. The MVC website has a contact page where people can find the right email address.

The MVC is also expanding their online portal to include commercial registration renewals.

Fulton said there has not been a dramatic increase in online transactions. That's partly because people know their license and registration renewals have been extended for two months so they're waiting. But Fulton said this is not a good idea.

Waiting is not going to save anyone money because the next renewal date won't change. If a person's license or registration is up for renewal and that person has the money for the fees, do it now online. When those extensions end, there's going to be an big influx of people and it may be difficult to get online and do those renewals.

Fulton also said there have been a lot of questions coming in to the MVC. She said the agency has been getting more efficient at managing email questions but phone calls have been tougher, mainly because there are not a lot of workers physically in the offices to answer phone calls.

The Real ID deadline, meanwhile, has been extended to October 2021. If someone was not planning to renew their standard driver's license this year because they wanted a Real ID, they should realize that Real IDs must be obtained in person. Fulton says people should go ahead and renew their standard driver's license for now until it's safe to apply for a Real ID.

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