The state of New Jersey is pretty tough when it comes to how we show law enforcement our insurance and registration. No one likes to get pulled over by law enforcement. Whenever you do for some reason your insurance and registration tend to hide from you and you can not find it anywhere in the glove box.

You start getting nervous because you don't know how you will convince the police officer that you really do have the registration for your car but you just can't find it. Oh, it's so stressful.

According to Planet Princeton, there is a bill that is in the works that will allow New Jersey drivers to show a valid registration on their smartphone whenever it may be needed. We learned that just having a picture of your valid vehicle registration would be perfectly fine to show proof that you have registered your vehicle.

Planet Princeton stated that this bill (A-3533) was voted for by a New Jersey Assembly Committee on Monday. While we are still not sure how the voting went, it would be great to know that you can just show a picture of your valid vehicle registration. It was also stated on Planet Princeton that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will also provide you with an electronic copy of your vehicle registration.

Showing proof of vehicle insurance on your smartphone is already an option so why not have the vehicle registration on your phone as well.

I've run into some incidents where I need my vehicle insurance and I can get it so quickly from my smartphone. Extremely convenient.

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