A local pastry chef shared a delicious treat on Fox's Good Day yesterday to celebrate National Candy Cane Day.

By now I think we have all realized there is a national day for basically everything and that includes candy canes.

So now that Christmas is basically over, lots of us are left with heap load of candy canes and if your looking for something to do with them them this is the perfect way to get out them to good use.

Paul Tsiknakis of Monarch Diner and Restaurant in NJ shared a holiday special they're serving up at his establishment which obliviously includes the holiday peppermint delights.

So the treat is made of brownie layers topped with a candy cane/peppermint cream cheese ... it's basically a peppermint brownie sandwich as he refers to it in the clip.

A few candy cane treats he's serving up at his diner is candy cane pancakes topped with a peppermint cream cheese icing and strawberry glaze and a peppermint candy cane cheese cake.


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