The dilemmas that people are facing these days are very stressful. You have to worry about catching COVID-19, worry about getting a COVID-19 vaccine and then some people have to worry about actually getting to their appointments. Not everyone has a car or means of transportation. Plus, some people are not comfortable taking mass transit right now. For that reason, Joe's Covee Car came about. Joe's Covee Car's Facebook page is extremely popular and even gaining national attention from news outlets like the Washington Post.

Joseph Cicchetti drives around in his Coronavirus looking Fiat and drives his neighbors to their COVID vaccine appointments. He and his partner Shirley want as many people to get vaccinated as possible. It's a wonderful service they are offering and they've already helped dozens of their neighbors. I've even seen people try to donate money to their Facebook page to help with gas, which is also a wonderful gesture. People helping out other people. That's what this world should be about.

We got to speak to a moderator of the New Jersey Covid Vaccine Info Group on Facebook and let me tell what a wonderful group of people they are. They spend hours getting appointments for those who are either not tech savvy or are just unable to get online as quick as others to secure an appointment. These is just another example of good people helping those in need and I love it.

Restaurants Hiring in Mercer County

Unemployment rates have gone down for the first time since the pandemic, but there are still a lot of people looking for jobs. As more and more people get vaccinated and state restrictions are being lifted, people are going out more, especially to restaurants. My family and I did some outdoor dining a few weeks ago on a nice night and the restaurant was slammed. I feel like they were not prepared for the rush that came in. I see signs on so many windows that say "Help Wanted" or "Now Hiring" and I wanted to highlight a few of those restaurants if you or anyone you know if looking for a job.

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