NJ State Trooper, Craig Kempinski, is a hero! I got chills when I read the story on NJ.com. He was on vacation with his family in North Carolina, relaxing on the beach, when he wife saw a swimmer in some trouble. So, he went into trooper mode, and of course, helped the woman. She had gotten caught up in a strong rip current, and was being pulled out into the ocean. How scary!  He's trained in water rescue, so sprung into action! He grabbed a boogie board and maneuvered the rough water to reach her...she was about 200 yards into the ocean. She could barely stay above water, so he gave her the boogie board, and with the help of a paddle-boarder, brought the woman to safety. Wow! Crazy, right?  I love the ocean, but, it can be tricky and hard to handle. Right place at the right time?  Thank God he was there to help, although, our troopers are always there to help 24/7...even on vacation.  Now, relax and soak up the sun, Trooper Kempinski...you deserve it!

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