New Jersey’s hair salons, barbershops, gyms, and even restaurants could re-open (with restrictions) in “a matter of weeks.”

The state’s Governor Phil Murphy made the revelations in an extended interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box early Thursday morning.

“This is a delicate balance without question,” the governor said when speaking about the balance between public and health and the push to re-open the economy. "We’ve lost over 10,700 blessed lives which is… unfathomable."

However, the governor pointed to encouraging data signs -- in terms of hospitalizations, the number of ICU admissions, and the number of ventilators available in the state.

"All the things that we track have been going in the right direction now for more than a couple of weeks, so we’ve begun to take what I would call baby steps," Murphy told CNBC.

When asked about the re-opening of hair salons, barbershops, restaurants, and gyms, the governor's response was relatively hopeful.

"I don't have a date, but I would hope it's a matter of weeks," Murphy said. "If we keep seeing the curves and the progress that we've seen."

Murphy acknowledged that some of the outdoor activities will be easier to re-open.

"Indoor dining is going to be more complicated than outdoor dining," the governor says. "The barbershop, the salon, the gym those are complicated. I am hopeful that with the progress that we've been making that's a matter of weeks."

In fact, in recognizing that the opening of the state's beaches was one of the biggest steps the state has taken so far, Murphy says the state has had a bias toward opening things up first that are based outdoors.

While acknowledging the painful effects on the state’s economy and job loss, the governor reiterated a phrase he has said countless times during the crisis, which is "public health creates economic health."

"I want to open up as much as anybody, trust me," Murphy said. "If we screw up the public health piece none of that will happen, and that's really the side that we need to err on."

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