The state of New Jersey's official Twitter account just went viral.

By viral I mean, the state's Twitter profile literally just gained 100k followers.

I think it's safe to say we can all thank Baby Yoda for this.

After changing their profile's avatar to Baby Yoda holding an outline of the state of New Jersey and some sassy Tweets to pair the page blew up in a matter of weeks.

According to FOX 10 people think the page was hacked after "a litany of sassy and comedic one-liners paired with a healthy dose of Jersey attitude."

I mean it does seem a bit off - but hey, these might just be the necessary steps to get your profile's following to grow rapidly. If that was the case it seems like it really worked out for New Jersey.

Whatever the case maybe, before I even read any of the sassy Tweets they already pulled me in with the Baby Yoda bait, I'm obsessed with that little guy.

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