So I was curious, should towns reschedule trick or treating festivities because of the rain? Sound off by taking our poll here:

This topic has been hotly debated in parent circles across our area. I don't have kids, and admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, but I have found myself wondering: is a little bit of rain going to hurt anyone? I know it's not fun to walk around in the rain, but it's how life goes sometimes. Isn't that a good lesson for kids? They certainly won't go hungry if they don't get a chance to run around the neighborhood for candy. It's a FUN holiday, and sometimes, life is disappointing. There are other ways to celebrate the occasion, right?'s Jessica Beym wondered in a column that she wrote this week if she was the only parent who would "happily see Halloween be a washout." She can't be alone, right?

As she points out it would be nice to "avoid the unnecessary candy overload — or would have no problem letting the kids run around in the rain. They’re kids. They’re not going to melt," Jessica writes on

She raises other good points like: would Santa reschedule Christmas during a blizzard?" Check that out here.

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