This nasty weather has forced some New Jersey towns to postpone their Halloween activities, according to

You're never going to please everyone. I've seen people debating this on my social media all day...should Halloween go on as planned, despite the nasty weather, or move it to tomorrow or another day, when the weather will be much nicer? Well, some towns are sticking with today, and some are postponing.

Local officials are obviously concerned about the safety of the children. Running around area neighborhoods tonight, when visibility is reduced, could prove to be dangerous.

The Bordentown Halloween parade has been pushed back until this Sunday, November 3rd at 2pm. The weather is supposed to be much better, so everyone can enjoy instead of being miserable. Lol. For the complete list, click HERE.

I loved the posts of the parents who clearly want to push through and wrap up Halloween, saying, their kids won't melt from the rain, and back when they were kids, there would have been no talk about postponing Halloween, you either went out or you didn't. Your choice.

If you're going out tonight, be careful, and get those umbrellas ready. Hopefully, there will be a break in the rain, at some point, to dash and get those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite).



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