Former United States President Barrack Obama was out in Philadelphia this Wednesday, to campaign for his former VP, and 2020 Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden. According to TMZ ,he began by having a panel discussion with male Black leaders in Philly before addressing the crowd in the streets by bull horn, while of course, wearing a mask.

He then took the podium at a drive-in rally in Citizens Bank Park to avoid this Biden campaign rally from becoming a super-spreader event like one of President Trump’s previous rallies. In his speech he made many persuasive points that immediately began trending on Twitter and reminded us all once again what presidential leadership looks like. Especially since he spoke with passion, and familiarity when he wasn’t even talking to visible faces, just a bunch of cars in a parking lot. His most popular points had to do with encouraging people to vote and get their friends to vote, how Trump has actually hurt the economy instead of turned it around, his mistreatment and lack of control of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this year voting is about more than just the next President, it’s about the next people in the Senate and the House of Representatives, etc.


Reactions on twitter were mostly full of praise. #ObamainPhilly immediately became a trending topic.  Tweets say the former president was “on fire”, the gloves came off, and that his speech got people fired up. TMZ agreed in saying that this was definitely an important move made by the Biden Campaign. It will be interesting to see in how 44’s “mic drop” of a speech will impact the polling numbers. Hopefully in a way that encourages more people to vote.


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