Among my favorite things in the world are Ocean City, NJ (where my family vacations every year), and HGTV. Well, the two collided recently, and I can't wait to watch.

Have you every seen the HGTV show, Beachfront Bargain Hunt? It's one I don't miss. I just found out on The Patch that a Haddonfield couple's search for an affordable home in Ocean City made the show.

Their names are Stephanie and Stephen Scibal, and you'll see them look at three houses in hopes of finding their dream home, along the coast, on a budget. They aren't strangers to Ocean City. Check out their story here.

Do you play along at home, like I do? I'm usually pretty good at guessing which home the couple ultimately picks, so I'll definitely be watching on Saturday night, February 1st when their episode airs at 8pm.

I'm dying to see which part of the island they'll be looking in, and get a glimpse of the local scenery used while filming.

Ahhh, maybe that will be John & I one can dream.


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