If you love seeing local spots on TV like I do, make sure to tune into House Hunters on HGTV tonight (Monday, March 11th).

Philly Burbs is reporting that Yardley, PA in Bucks County is featured in tonight's episode at 11 pm. I can't wait to watch.

It's actually a repeat, but if you haven't seen the original episode from December of 2023 you're not alone. I'm always so busy during December getting ready for the holidays that I don't have a lot of leisure time to watch TV, so I missed it.

The episode called, "Where the Beach in California" followed West Coast married couple, Brian Sanders and Hillary Levine, as they searched for a house on the East Coast so they could raise their daughter closer to family.

Realtor, Andrew Jacobs, took the couple to tour homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Jacobs told PhillyBurbs.com, "I'm definitely not used to having cameras following me around on my showings. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was so cool to be on national TV while I worked."

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Sanders pushes for the Forked River, New Jersey home to fill the void of the beach life they were leaving behind in California. He wanted a house with water views. Can't blame him, right?

His wife was hoping to go more inland and buy a bigger home in the suburbs.

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The couple said it was loads of fun to be on the show. I watch House Hunters often and love playing along and seeing if I can guess which house the couple picks. I have a pretty good track record.

Don't miss it. The Yardley, PA House Hunters episode is on HGTV tonight at 11 pm.

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