According to TMZSports, the Philadelphia Phillies are in a legal battle that could result in the team losing their beloved mascot, the Phanatic.

TMZSports says that in 1978, Phillies' executive Bill Giles spearheaded an idea to create the mascot.  The team worked with a design firm called Harrison/Erickson Incorporated on the creation of the Phanatic.

Then, in 1984, the Phillies say they paid Harrison/Erickson a fee of $215,000 that would allow the team to keep the mascot forever.

Now, the Phils are saying that Harrison/Erickson want to negotiate a new deal and if an agreement can't be reached, the team will no longer be able to use the Phanatic after June 15, 2020.

Can you imagine going to Citizens Bank Park to watch a Phillies' game and there being no Phanatic?  Or worse...having the Phanatic become the mascot for another team.

It could never happen, right?  You would think that, although there was a world-famous mascot called the San Diego Chicken.  According to, the chicken performed at 520 Padres games in a row, but he now mostly performs at minor league stadiums.

Here's hoping that this disagreement gets settled soon...and with as little "fur flying" as possible.

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