As demolition and construction continues to the left and right of it, the old Pizza Hut on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township still stands. So, what's going on there?

Over the last few months, progress has really been made in clearing space for a Super Wawa at the corner of Cherrywood Drive. The Rita's Water Ice that used to be there was quickly and suddenly torn down in one day. Directly next to it, the former Entenmann's Bakery met the same fate.

TSM South Jersey
TSM South Jersey

That was on one side of the old Pizza Hut restaurant. On the other side was Nifty Fifty's restaurant, which has also been demolished, the land underneath leveled for a future car wash.

I just assumed the Pizza Hut, the first I ever ate at as a kid, would become a casualty of one of those two projects. But there it stands...still.

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Now, Blackwood-Clementon Road is not WITHOUT a Pizza Hut. There's still a carry-out store in Cherrywood Plaza where Starbucks is. But does anyone know what's to become of the OLD Pizza Hut? Is that abandoned building with its overgrown shrubbery just going to stand in between two brand new (built from the ground up) businesses?

I'd love any intel you have, if you're able to share. Until then, I'll just keep watching and waiting.

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