Costco in Lawrence has just debuted new self check outs to hopefully speed up the shopping experience. Costco has never had these before and I saw a few other people post on the CostcoDeals Instagram page that their stores had them as well, so I'm sure they will be rolling them out Nationwide soon. When I saw the self checkouts at Costco in Lawrenceville on Monday, I was very curious, so I took my big order over to one of the registers. It was fairly easy except when it came time to bring up my cases of water. I did not see a little scan gun to scan, so I had to pick up the cases of water and put them on the scanner. Maybe there was a scan gun and I didn't see it? Or maybe they are getting some feedback from customers? I did get a blue receipt instead of the white one I usually get and when I left, the woman who checked my receipt asked how I liked the self check out. So hopefully they'll add those scanning guns because lifting up that big case of water was rough. Other than that, the process was pretty quick and painless.

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Costco's food court has made some changes as well since the start of the pandemic and now even have a kiosk for that as well.

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I am THE shopper in my household. I do all the grocery shopping because I know where to go to get the best prices on everything. I do my grocery shopping at Shoprite, Target, Aldi and Costco. Yes, I bounce between four stores and you might think I am crazy, but with everything my family needs, certain stores have the items we need for cheaper. Depending on how quickly we run out of things, I usually go grocery shopping every two weeks or so and I usually hit Costco once a month and do a big haul. The Costco in Lawrence is a great store and it's only a few years old. I was excited to start going to that one when we moved to East Windsor. It's close by, all the people who work there are friendly and the store has been extremely clean and following COVID-19 protocols the best they can. I will continue to shop there for mine and my family's needs and I think the new self check outs are a great addition.

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