One person was killed in a helicopter crash in Midtown Manhattan around 2 pm. on Monday. Officials say the accident happened on the 700 block of 7th Avenue near 51st street.

The crash landing resulted in a fire, which the FDNY was able to quickly extinguish, ABC 7 reports. Officials say the crash landing happened at the AXA Equitable Center at 787 South 7th Avenue.

The fire appeared to be contained to the helicopter (and not the building), according to television reports. Nobody in the building appeared to be injured. It's believed the pilot was the only passenger on board at the time of the crash, according to ABC 7's live broadcast.

As a precaution, 7th Avenue is closed in the area. This could affect commuting traffic as it's a highly congested area (near Port Authority).

New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo says there's no indication of terrorism in the accident.

"The only indication was a helicopter had to do an emergency or a hard landing, or crashed onto the rooftop of a building...There's no indication of anything more than that," Cuomo told reporters.

The NYPD is cautioning all to avoid the area as their investigation continues. A large police and fire presence can be seen in television coverage of the area.

It is not clear why the chopper was in the area or who owned the chopper.

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