There's about to be another Grand Opening in the Lawrence Shopping Center, with the new Five Below announcing when they're going to be opening its doors.

When I drove by the new store I noticed a new, temporary sign was up, under the new permanent sign that said, "Grand Opening July 30th, 2021." Wow. That's sooner than I thought it would be. It still seems that there's a lot of work to be done. How exciting. I can always find fun things in there, especially around the holidays.

Lidl just had it's Grand Opening a few weeks ago, where the Acme used to be. The locals are so happy to have a grocery store back in that spot. It's so much better than having to travel up Route 1 for last minutes needs. I've been a few times, and like it so far. It made my life so much easier over the weekend when I needed a dessert for a party we were going to. All the local bakeries were closed because it was later in the afternoon, so I headed to Lidl, and got the cutest brownies. Phew, crisis averted. LOL.

Starbucks and Aspen Dental are making progress across the parking lot from Lidl and the future Five Below. Hopefully, they'll be open within the next few months.

I've heard some talk around town that the LA Fitness is still a go. Hopefully, we'll see that work pick up again. The other rumor floating around is that Ollie's Bargain Outlet will be another new tenant in the shopping center. Ollie's slogan is "Get Good Stuff Cheap." I don't know Ollie's but it seems similar to Five Below. We'll see.

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