Where can you have the best steak while in New Jersey?

This was the conversation among my extended family when we met them out for dinner the other night.

We dined at an amazing, classic, Italian restaurant. My cousin, sitting to my left, turned to me and asked what I was ordering. I love Italian food, so I told her I was having a hard time deciding.


She told me she was craving steak and ordered the filet.


I ended up with a unique "I can't decide" dish that gives you a smaller portion of a few of the most popular menu items...eggplant parmigiana, meatball parmigiana, and chicken parmigiana. It was phenomenal.

When our meals arrived at the table, we noted she was the only one who ordered steak, so we got into a conversation about which restaurant in the area served the best steak.

Freshly cooked New York Strip garnished with fresh Rosemary.


My cousin enjoyed her filet, but wondered how good the steakhouses around the Garden State compare.

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My husband and I jumped in and told the family that we had a top-notch experience at a steakhouse in Long Branch, New Jersey called The Butcher's Block (also called The Block).

We decided to do some online research on our phones to see which steakhouses had the highest ratings and came upon this article on 247 Tempo that named the best steakhouse in each state. Score.

I couldn't wait to see what made the list for New Jersey.

I won't keep you in suspense. It's Steakhouse 85 in New Brunswick.

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The article read, "Billing itself as the 'official steakhouse of Rutgers athletics,' this establishment opened in 2008, with beef as the 'back bone' of our menu.' Steaks are seared on a 1200-degree cast iron grill, then, finished by broiling. Eight different cuts are listed on the menu, along with two surf and turf variations and a Black Angus burger. The showpiece is a 26-ounce tomahawk bone-in rib chop, dry-aged for 28 days, and crusted with a garlic-blue cheese rub and a cabernet bordelaise."

To see the rest of the list of the Best Steakhouse in Every State, click here. 

Save your appetite.

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