After months of hearing Pennsylvania residents complain about not being welcomed as visitors at the Jersey shore during the pandemic, it's interesting to hear public officials in Pennsylvania openly warning residents not to go to the beach in New Jersey this Memorial Day weekend.

During Monday’s covid-19 briefing, Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said it would be too risky being in large crowds at the Jersey shore this weekend.

“Don’t go to the beach. We’re not recommending people go to the beach this weekend. It is true that being outdoors is probably less risk than being close to people indoors, but if you go into crowds anywhere, there’s risks.”

“We understand the draw, it’s very tempting. You may have gone to the beach every Memorial Day weekend for years, but this is not the time to do that. Let’s wait until the case counts are lower for it to be safer.”

Then, there's Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf...

“I am not sure why the governors of Maryland and New Jersey have opened their beaches, but they have...I wouldn’t go to the beach.”

Even Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is getting his shots in about doing Memorial Day weekend at a Jersey beach...

“South Jersey does what South Jersey does. It’s going to affect us because people are going to go to the beach this weekend, they’re going to congregate with people in too close proximity, then they’re going to drive back home to Philadelphia and perhaps give the virus to somebody in their family.”

We wonder if those words of warning will dissuade any of the the Pennsylvanians planning on hitting the AC Expressway Friday afternoon for the Jersey shore?

Source: CBS3

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