There will be a peaceful protest to denounce police brutality and support the Black Lives Matters movement in Hamilton Township (Mercer County) tomorrow evening (Wednesday, June 10th), according to Community News.

Residents of Hamilton Township and surrounding towns are invited to come out and have their voices be heard. The #SAYTHEIRNAMES protest will be held at the Sayen House and Gardens (155 Hughes Drive) at 5pm. The flyer I saw circulating on Instagram says, "Join us for a peaceful protest against police brutality, in solidarity for the lives of black people who have been unjustly taken too soon."

Organizers ask that you stay safe by social distancing while attending the protest. A limited supply of face coverings will be available. There will be hand sanitizer supplied for your convenience, although to be safe, I would bring your own, if you're able, because there's no way to tell at this point how many people will be attending. Voter registration forms will also be available.

You are encouraged to make signs and posters and bring your energy. There will be some speakers as well, no word on who they will be.

Tomorrow's weather forecast is Sunny and near 90 degrees. If I were you, I'd bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Parking is limited at Sayen Gardens, so arrive a little early.

There have been many peaceful protests happening throughout the area since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, by the brutality of a police officer. Last night in Ewing Township residents gathered at Moody Park for a peaceful protest and candlelight vigil for those who have lost their lives to police brutality.

For more info on tomorrow night's protest in Hamilton Township, click here.

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