Pennsylvania is one of the most woke state's in the country. New Jersey is a bit behind, but not too far, according to a new survey from Zippia.

So first, what does it actually mean to be "woke?" It has been defined by Merriam-Webster as being, “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of justice).”

So Zippia says they ooked at six factors when ranking the states -- this included: the number of BLM protest attendees, the number of BLM protests in total, the number of citizens voting, education levels, and the amount of organic farms and kombucha consumption.

So Pennsylvania ranked 11th, while New Jersey landed at 19 on Zippia's list.

According to Zippia, Pennsylvania’s protester percent was 3.1% but they did have a significant number of protests with 1,656. The voter turnout was just above 52% in the state. So Pennsylvania needs more voters probably.

Meanwhile, according to Zippia, New Jersey’s percentage of the protesters was only 1.9% (with 893 protests). Our voter turnout was just below half in total... at 48%.

The bright side is that Pennsylvania and New Jersey are considered pretty woke compared to the rest of the United States!

The least woke state in the country, by the way, was Arkansas. The most woke? Zippia says that's Oregon. 

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