Death to the geese?! We've got a problem in this New Jersey town.

It's Geese season! You've undoubtedly seen large and small groups of geese congesting grassy spaces by busy roads, holding up traffic while they cross the street with their little goslings in tow.

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And the poop! So much goose poop!

Experts say there are too many geese in New Jersey

Turns out, there are a lot of geese in New Jersey this year. More than the state can handle, according to wildlife experts.

The Peapack-Gladstone Borough Council has voted to bring in the troops (federal wildlife officials) to round up around 60 geese in Liberty Park next month to euthanize them with gas!

"The US Fish and Wildlife Service has stated that a manageable population of Canadian Geese in New Jersey is 41,000; the current population of these birds in New Jersey is estimated to exceed 70,000," the council said.

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Why next month? The birds will be in their "molting" season, when they cannot fly, so they'll be easier to capture.

New Jersey residents are fighting back

Think this is a harsh sentence? So do many of the residents of Peapack-Gladstone.

There are Facebook groups and Reddit threads dedicated to saving the geese of Liberty Park. The groups have hundreds of supporters determined to help the geese live in peace:

"Honestly, if you don’t want to live around wildlife, then move back to the city...Rounding them up and gassing them is barbaric."

"Why can't we just leave the geese alone? They have a right to live! Relocate the people instead! I have geese on my property, and I don't mind them at all."

"These Geese are parents and have children. Often times they mate for life and are very family oriented... There’s no need to slaughter them."

Will it work? The borough says they've exhausted desperate efforts to keep the geese in check. The excessive amounts of poop can spread bacteria and disease and affect the park's pond water quality.

Whose side are you on? Kill the geese, or let them live to honk another day?

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