The geese in this New Jersey community will live to honk another day after all!

In case you missed it, the residents of Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey were outraged by the borough council's plans to call in federal wildlife officials to kill dozens of geese in Liberty Park. Geese Louise!

Photo by Eric Brehm on Unsplash
Photo by Eric Brehm on Unsplash
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The council claimed the large amount of geese were getting to be unmanageable for the park even after exhausting desperate, more humane efforts to keep the geese in check. They were concerned about the excessive amounts of poop can spread bacteria and disease and affect the park's pond water quality.

Residents to the Rescue!

Residents who were appalled by the council's plan to kill the geese formed a Facebook group called "Save the Liberty Park Canada Geese in Peapack-Gladstone," and a contributor came forth with a humane solution that actually worked!

The group recruited help from Mike Innello from North Jersey Drone Shots to use drones to chase the geese away. Like an electric geese herder!

Here's a video of the actual goose-herding drone footage. It's amazing how simple and safe this solution turned out to be. Pretty cool!

Additionally, if any geese return, they'll be safely transported to The Barnyard Sanctuary in Hope, New Jersey. And to further ensure this won't turn into a problem again, the park will use Flock Free and other repellents.

No geese were harmed! Do you think this will be a lasting solution? Do you think drone technology should be utilized in other areas of New Jersey?

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