A Penn Medicine Princeton Night Shift Nurse got the surprise of her life recently when the Rachael Ray show barreled into the hospital in Plainsboro, while she was on duty, to tell her she was about to get an Ambush Makeover.

I saw the video on You Tube and Jamie Ellmer's reaction was the best. She was so excited to be getting a makeover, after being totally embarrassed that the tv cameras were catching her when she was "a hot mess." Lol. I've watched it a few times, dreaming of the day the show burst into the PST studios and does the same thing for me (yeah, right). Lol.

Jamie's not only a night shift nurse, she's a wife and mom of 2...a daughter, Aubrey, and a son, Mason. We working moms know the struggles...sometimes it's so hard juggling everything.

Jamie's best friend, and fellow nurse, at Penn Medicine Princeton, Jodi, nominated Jamie for the Ambush Makeover and told Tommy DiDario, Rachael Ray's fashion expert, that her bestie is always putting herself last, and needed some fashion help. When asked what to expect in her closet, Jodi told Tommy she wears mostly sweatpants and hoodies. That proved to be true when tv cameras followed Jamie home and raided her closet (my closet would have looked a lot like that too).

So, Jamie and her family were whisked to New York City, and the results were amazing. Jamie's new look is breathtaking, even making her husband tear up.

Here are some backstage pics from their episode, which aired on Monday (February 24th).


You look absolutely beautiful, Jamie....what a fun experience. Congratulations.


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