The Pennsbury School district has announced that they're postponing graduation, and canceling their famous senior prom, according to Levittown Now.

I feel so badly for high school seniors. Many will miss the two biggest, memorable events of their school career, the prom and graduation. Ugh. My heart aches for them. They deserve the memories. They deserve the recognition for all their hard work over the years.

Thankfully, the Pennsbury School District understands that they simply can't just pass these moments by. A letter from school Superintendent, Dr. Willian Gretzula, explains they've postponed their traditional graduation ceremony until July 22nd. The plan is for it to be an outdoor ceremony on their "Falcon Field." They're also working on a back up plan, should this plan have to change.

I'm sure the most disappointing news to the Pennsbury seniors is that the all-out, famous prom, that I'm sure they've looked forward to for many years, has been canceled. Superintendent Gretzula said, "It is clear that the traditional format is not possible. This saddens everyone involved. Many alternative ideas have been discussed, and timely information about alternative plans will be shared by the high school administration in the coming weeks."

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Class of 2020, I'm so sorry. Hang in there.

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