Speeders and aggressive drivers beware: police are stepping up their patrols in Bucks County.

I used to think that New Jersey drivers were some of the most aggressive drivers I've ever seen. Well, that was until I crossed the Scudders Falls Bridge into Bucks County.

Bucks County is full of aggressive drivers, and the Pennsylvania State Police are looking to crack down on these terrible drivers. It's about time.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation tells the Bucks County Courier Times that they are working with 64 municipal police departments and state police to be on the lookout for aggressive drivers.  These are drivers who speed, get easily aggravated at other drivers, and drive recklessly in work or school zones.

The increased patrols are underway, and they will run through April 28, officials told The Bucks County Courier TimesSo take the advice of officials: don't speed or drive like a lunatic this spring (or ever). 

If you are driving in Bucks County and encounter an aggressive driver with "road rage," PennDOT encourages drivers to back away from the situation. Avoid eye contact and don't engage with the driver.

One of the scariest places I've ever driven is in southern Florida. The drivers there become a dangerous mix of the elderly senile drivers and aggressive young drivers. Both groups are wheezing in and out of lanes without a blinker (as if using one would kill them.) It turns out that Bucks County is not much better.

Drive safely, folks!

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