The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the most expensive toll road in the world, a new study found.
Yes, you read that correctly. IT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE TOLL ROAD IN THE WORLD, according to a study from Budget Direct.

Having to pay for tolls when you are crossing over the Delaware river or getting off of the Turnpike is so annoying. Everyone would easily agree that is frustrating because all of the money spent on tolls can be used for other things you may need.

The story was covered by the Bucks County Courier Times as well following the survey.

BudgetDirect actually calculated that if you are trying to travel 360 miles across the state of Pennsylvania it will cost you $112.91. That is a lot of money!

In fact, that is $67.48 more than the second most expensive toll road in the world. The second most expensive toll road is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Australia which costs $45.43, BudgetDirect says. 

Of course, 360 miles is pretty far. But  I was very curious to know how much it would cost to go through most of the New Jersey Turnpike:

You should know that is not even half the price. The Bucks County Courier Times says that that traveling the length of the New Jersey Turnpike would cost you only $18.85. That is nowhere near $112.91.

The increase in toll prices in Pennsylvania doesn't help the case as it really makes the state one of the most expensive in the country, the Bucks County Courier Times notes. 

More than 400 roads around the world were actually analyzed for the survey. So for Pennsylvanians that is not something to be proud of because it is hurting your wallets.

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