When the Philadelphia Eagles hit the field in Arizona to play in the Super Bowl, it'll be without teammate Josh Sills.

Who is Josh Sills?

Sills is an offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles in his rookie season.

What Sills is Accused of

The charges are for felony rape of the first degree and kidnapping involving a women in Guernsey County, Ohio.  Prosecutors say Sills "purposely compelled" the victim to "submit by force or threat of force" to sexual conduct, People.com reports. The indictment also states that Sills "did, by force, threat, or deception, remove" the victim from "the place where she was found or restrain the liberty of her for the purpose of facilitating the commission of a felony."

The NFL's Response

Following the indictment, Sills was placed on the NFL's Commissioner Exempt List, making him ineligible to travel with the Eagles to Arizona, or participate in any team activities, including practice and the Super Bowl.

The accusations leveled against 25-year-old Sills will reportedly be reviewed under the league's 'personal conduct policy'.

The scandal must be hanging like a dark cloud over the organization during a time meant for celebration and preparation ahead of the biggest game of the season, one that would surely have represented the biggest game yet in Sills' football career.


On the official Philadelphia Eagles website, Josh Sills has been moved from the Active Roster, to the Exempt category.

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*Townsquare Media recognizes that Josh Sills has not been convicted of a crime and remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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